Textile Auxiliaries
The Textile Auxiliaries are made in our unit, by suing fine quality of chemical for making the fabrics look more attractive, strong and beautiful in visual effects. These are used in various industries such as textile, cosmetics and plastics, etc.
Dye Auxiliaries
The Dye Auxiliaries are getting famous for their purity level, non-toxic and effective result. The agents make the fabrics beautiful and attractive. These are perfect to be used on numerous cloth material and do not impairment the fabrics.
Textile Dyeing
Textile dyeing products are liquid solutions that are used at the time of textile dyeing. These products are used for the purpose of improving the process and make the colors imparted in textile fast.
Textile Softeners
There are various types of Textile Softeners that are offered by us for use in the various commercial places and Textile Industry. The softeners are very effective and safe for use. They are very efficient and highly efficient.
Optical Brightener
We are providing the excellent quality Optical Brighteners which makes the color of the fabrics more radiant and attractive in appearance. These are made by using top notch chemical combination with accurate composition and pH.
Use our Octonal chemical that are used to make esters which are utilized in numerous perfumery and flavors industries for making of various products. These are clear, neutral liquid with unique odor and have great miscible property.
OT Paste
We are supplying the high quality OT Paste for use in the textile industry. It is sparingly soluble in water and freely soluble in alcohol, glycerol, Carbon tetrachloride, acetone Xylene. The paste is easy to use and handle.